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A single slider to control all your lights.
Make your smart home a little smarter.


Easy Access

Manage all your lights with a single slider

A unique design lets you control all your lights with a single slider. No more clicking through menus to pick the appropriate color or intensity.

Control brightness and color simultaneously

Using a carefully tuned color temperature engine, brightness and color are combined into a seamless slider. Soft, warmer tones for early mornings and late evenings. Neutral, pure or cooler tunes for the mid-day lights.

Today widget for even quicker access

Choose a predefined preset or quickly switch your lights off. Perfect for night light or for when you arrive home.

Precise Control

Functional white light, calibrated by hand

Good quality light is essential for home comfort. A great deal of work has gone into creating and testing the color curves.

Fine-tune each luminary

You can limit the brightness and temeperature of each luminary.

Vivid colors with mood lights

Designate a luminary as a mood light with a choice of vibrant colors, while still staying in sync with your other lights.

Exclude single lights or entire rooms

Brightlight is perfect for controlling your main lights. Secondary lights, such as outdoor lighting or children’s rooms can be excluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the horzontal line on the bulb?

This line represents the current brightness and color of the selected lights as reported by HomeKit.

Why do some of my luminaries show as unreachable?

Network interference may cause some luminaries to be temporarily out of reach.

Extended luminary support

Custom support for Philips Hue Ambience bulbs is included. They have a limited color temperature range, and cannot be designated as mood lights.


If your lights stop responding, commands might be clogging up the pipes between HomeKit and your accessories. Usually, waiting is the best course of action. If nothing happens (or you run out of patience), please see the iOS Home app or software from your manufacturer for troubleshooting steps.

Privacy policy

No personal or non-personal information is collected by the Brightlight application. Your HomeKit data is not shared with anyone.